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Dekker Chrysanten fourth partner GenNovation


The collaboration GenNovation welcomed a fourth member on 11 April 2018, Dekker Chrysanten from Hensbroek (NL). The initiating companies Anthura, Florensis and Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan are very pleased with this entry.

Henk Jacobs, Director of Dekker Chrysanten, is convinced that the GenNovation cooperation will result into better varieties, which will be developed faster. “The GenNovation partners often have similar challenges in the field of genetics. Exchanging knowledge and experience will strengthen the research programs of all partners.” Leo Hoogendoorn, CEO Florensis, adds: “The total value of the four companies makes it possible to jointly approach new and capital intensive research projects. Recent experience has already shown that family-owned businesses display the same level of entrepreneurial spirit, which is the perfect starting point for long lasting success in the near future.” With the start of Bart Brugmans as R&D-program manager on the 1st of May and the joining of Dekker Chrysanten as the fourth partner, GenNovation can kick-start their jointly established projects. GenNovation is open towards new entrants and feels to reach an optimal cooperation when adding a couple more members. Collectively sufficient resources can be gathered to carry out in-depth research and share the risks.